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There is a challenge that faces every business above and beyond the daily routine. It’s not an external market force—this challenge comes from within. Insurance fraud drains resources and can be the loss that keeps on costing.

When an individual attempts to make money through insurance transactions by deceiving others, it’s insurance fraud and it takes many forms. Annual costs on a national basis are estimated at more than $150 billion, but the effects can be felt very tangibly right here in Connecticut.

CheckMate Investigations has experience, discretion and the leading investigative tactics and team in our market. We know what to look for and have methods that can reveal possible fraudulent behaviors that, over time, will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

At CheckMate Investigations, all requests are handled on an individual basis, due to the unique situations that face our clientele. The scope of the assignment and your needs will be discussed in full detail prior to starting any investigation, to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the services that will be provided for you. All investigation timetables, possible difficulties and update schedules will be discussed at this confidential consultation. Our personal approach to investigations and our investigators unlimited wealth of resources will give you the peace of mind you have been seeking.

Promptness and responsiveness when indicators and warning signs are present are the most vital steps to ensure the most savings on each assignment. The faster we can investigate a claim, the better the results are, and the fewer times you have to pay for a false or exaggerated claim. In turn, the faithful employees will see you are interested in the integrity of their company and will work harder to maintain the high standards you have implemented. There are initial costs to investigate and stop questionable claims at the onset, but it is a fraction of the cost of accepting an unwarranted claim.

Checkmate Investigations is a private investigation and professional surveillance agency. Serving Fairfield County, New Haven County and Litchfield County in Connecticut and Westchester County, Putnam County, Duchess County and New York City in New York, we specialize in investigations and surveillance, criminal investigations, infidelity, fraud, background checks and much more. We have been serving the investigation needs of commercial and residential clients since 1997.

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